Jeffs' Brother Not Working With Authorities

KSL, Utah/November 1, 2005
By Richard Piatt

Polygamous leader Warren Jeffs is still eluding authorities, and it doesn't look the like the legal troubles of his younger brother will help authorities in their search.

Younger brother Seth Jeffs is still behind bars in Denver, and federal agents there are still hopeful he will give them some information about where his brother is.

Seth Jeffs is downright defiant about helping authorities find his brother. In fact, he says neither he, nor any of his brother's followers ever will. Seth Jeffs, under arrest in Colorado for protecting his brother and for soliciting a male prostitute, tells authorities, "It would be stupid to tell anyone where he is because he would get caught."

It's as simple as that for Jeffs. And he says the same goes for the rest of his congregation. Investigators believe Warren is being protected from arrest by his thousands of polygamist followers and relatives. The guessing game has stretched into several states and across borders to Mexico and Canada. Investigators believe Warren is being helped and shielded from arrest by his thousands of polygamist followers and relatives.

Seth Jeffs was arrested in Pueblo County, Colorado, charged with paying five-thousand dollars to a man for sexual companionship. Chances are, Nathaniel Allred did not know about the 142-thousand dollars in cash in the car, dozens of pre-paid credit cards and phone cards; a glass jar with a "pennies for the prophet' label on it, and seven prepaid cellular telephones.

The FBI says all have a tie to FLDS operations in Utah and Texas. In fact, Seth Jeffs confirmed the use of disposable phones and prepaid credit cards helps the group avoid detection.

None of that information is leading officials closer to tracking down Warren Jeffs, now on the FBI's most wanted list. The FBI says it is highly likely Seth Jeffs does know where his brother is.

Warren Jeffs is wanted in both Arizona for having sex with a minor, and for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Yet he is still apparently able to operate the polygamous FLDS sect, with an estimated 10-thousand followers.

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