Property taxes paid up in Colorado City

The Spectrum, Utah/August 3, 2006
By Patrice Germain

Hurricane -- It took the posting of every single house individually but the end result is that with the exception of one bill owing for $115, all the property taxes in Colorado City have been paid.

Bruce Wisan, the court-appointed special fiduciary over the United Effort Plan trust, the financial arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was struggling to get the property taxes paid in the communities of Hildale and Colorado City. Followers of the FLDS practice polygamy as one of the church's tenets.

Taxes owed in Colorado City came to $1,124,690. Wisan said $200,000 had been paid at the beginning of the year and the balance was paid after each house was posted.

"Actually not everything is paid. There are two trailers. One is empty and one owes $115 that hasn't been paid but for all intents and purposes, everything has been paid and it's great," Wisan said.

Wisan isn't sure what will happen with the next round of property taxes that will be due in November but said if every house has to be posted again, it will be done.

Part of the problem with the taxes is that the tax bills are for large lots of property, not individual houses but a survey of the two towns that border each other is nearing completion.

"I hope that by '07 the tax notices can be sent individually," Wisan said.

Because of the difficulties Wisan had getting people to pay property taxes the notices were posted on the homes threatening eviction if not paid.

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