Warren Jeffs timeline

Deseret Morning News/August 29, 2006

* September 2002 - After the death of his father, 92-year-old Rulon Jeffs, Warren Jeffs takes control of the 12,000 member FLDS Church, with enclaves in Hildale, Utah; Colorado City, Ariz.; and Bountiful, British Columbia in Canada.

* November 2003 - FLDS member David Allred purchases land for a "hunting retreat" in Eldorado, Texas.

* July 2004 - A nephew of Warren Jeffs files a lawsuit against the FLDS leader, accusing Jeffs of sexually abusing him. Brent Jeffs claims he was repeatedly abused as a child while attending the Alta Academy, where Warren Jeffs was principal.

* January 2005 - Warren Jeffs is reportedly seen dedicating the foundation of a temple site at the FLDS Church's compound in Eldorado, Texas.

* May 2005 - Police raid the offices of the Colorado City Unified School District, seizing computers and boxes of records in an investigation into financial mismanagement of the school district. The state of Arizona eventually takes control of the district, appointing a receiver to control things.

* June 2005 - A Mohave County, Ariz., grand jury indicts Warren Jeffs on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and conspiracy to commit sexual misconduct with a minor. He is accused of arranging a polygamous marriage between a teenage girl and an older man.

* June 2005 - Federal prosecutors in Arizona charge Warren Jeffs with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

* June 2005 - The Utah Attorney General's Office asks a Utah judge to freeze the assets of the FLDS Church's United Effort Plan (UEP) Trust. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff claims Warren Jeffs has been bleeding the trust dry. The judge appoints a special fiduciary to control the $110 million financial empire.

* July 2005 - Utah and Arizona's Attorneys General announce a $10,000 reward for information leading to Warren Jeffs' arrest.

* November 2005 - Seth Jeffs, Warren Jeffs younger brother, is stopped by police near Pueblo, Colo. In his truck, police said they found $142,000 in cash, pre-paid credit cards, phone cards, hundreds of letters addressed to "Warren Jeffs" and "The Prophet" and even a glass jar filled with change. Seth Jeffs admits to taking the items to Texas to help keep his brother on the run.

* December 2005 - A woman known as "M.J." files a lawsuit in Cedar City against Warren Jeffs, accusing him of forcing her into a polygamous marriage with an older man.

* April 2006 - Warren Jeffs is charged in St. George with rape as an accomplice, a first-degree felony. He is accused of forcing a teenage girl into a polygamous marriage to an older man. A $500,000 warrant was issued for Jeffs' arrest.

* May 2006 - The U.S. Attorney for Utah files a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution against Warren Jeffs.

* May 2006 - Seth Jeffs, Warren Jeffs' younger brother, pleads guilty in federal court in Denver to harboring a fugitive. He refuses to reveal the whereabouts of his brother.

* May 2006 - Warren Jeffs is named to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, putting him in the company of terrorists, mobsters and drug cartel leaders. Investigations into Jeffs and the FLDS Church heat up. Utah's Attorney General confirms to the Deseret Morning News he has been quietly conducting an organized crime investigation into Jeffs and the polygamous church.

* May 2006 - The court-appointed special fiduciary files a lawsuit against Warren Jeffs, accusing him and top leaders of the FLDS Church of fleecing the UEP Trust by misappropriating property, money, livestock and businesses belonging to the people.

* Aug. 28, 2006 - Warren Jeffs is captured in a traffic stop outside Las Vegas. He is in the company of a brother and one of his wives.

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