Prosecutors Travel to Texas to Discuss Future of Jeffs' Followers

KSL News, Utah/September 22, 2006

Police and prosecutors traveled to Eldorado, Texas to talk to local law enforcement about polygamist leader Warren Jeffs and the future of his followers.

The Deseret Morning News is reporting law enforcement met to discuss the construction of the "Yearning for Zion" ranch in Texas, as well as what may happen now that Jeffs has been captured.

There is also concern as to what, if any, education is being offered to children on the YFZ Ranch.

Members of the FLDS church say that parents home school their children according to state standards, but the superintendent wants to go to the ranch to see for himself that the home schooling is taking place.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona would not comment on the visit to Eldorado, saying it is inappropriate to comment on current investigations.

Jeff is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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