Warren Jeffs' Former Home May House 'Lost Boys'

KUTV, Salt Lake City/February 1, 2007
By Brian Mullahy

The house used to be the home of a polygamist and as many as seven wives, and who knows how many kids. But now a big change is coming for the big house.

The families that used to live in the house abandoned the place, rather than pay taxes. And now it may turn into a great, big foster home. Just minutes away from the compound where embattled polygamist leader Warren Jeffs used to live is another huge home.

Bruce Wisan is court-appointed, and in control of the United Effort Plan Trust, which operates the home.

“It’s 19 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. Five of the bathrooms have Jacuzzis. Three kitchens, one a commercial grade kitchen,” he said.

That home used to be run by none other than Warren Jeffs, a man who could kick people out of the polygamist sect, sever their family ties and assign their homes to somebody he deemed “more worthy.”

But now this big house may take some ousted teenage boys back.

Stefanie Colgrove and her husband want to turn this into a foster home for so-called “lost boys,” teens who were kicked out, or fled from Hildale-Colorado City.

“This is a way to help them understand that life isn’t out there to destroy them,” she said. “I am trying a family environment.”

Bruce Wisan wants the home to be used for good purposes.

“I’d rather that succeed... than to sell and get money for the trust," he said. "The trust does need money, but there are some things of greater value.”

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