FLDS Church Possibly Planning a Move to Floyd County

KAMC 28 News, Texas/May 4, 2007

The Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints is setting up camp in Floyd County, this in addition to their well known compound in Schliker County near El-Dorado.

Now, the church's plans have some in Floyd County a little nervous.

"They're building like crazy out here" says Randy Mankin with the El Dorado Success Newspaper.

And the kind of building that Schliker County has seen could also soon be seen in Floyd County. The Fundamentalist LDS church has purchased a manufacturing facility just south of Lockney. County residents and those who keep tabs on the group are curious as to what purpose the church has in another West Texas outpost.

"Used to be a farm implants plant, said to be used for furniture but it could be a cover story" says Mankin.

One reason for suspicion may stem from the groups practice of secrecy and popular mistrust in church leader Warren Jeffs.

Jeffs, now in prison on felony counts of rape as an accomplice and other abuses, leads the radical off-shoot of the Mormon Church even though he is behind bars. Despite his legal status, his followers are moving forward into Floyd County.

"Have about 10,000 no signs of slowing since Jeffs in jail" says Mankin.

The group doesn`t make public announcements, so we don't know exactly when they plan to move into Floyd County or if they plan to build another community. But when and if they do, they are said to be no threat to residents.

"They're not interested in recruiting out there or anything like that" says Mankin.

Again, this group is not making any of their plans public, so we don't know when the group plans to move into Floyd County or when they hope to have their new plant operational.

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