Polygamist must follow ruling regarding sex

June 11, 2002
By Rick Ross

5th District Judge James Shumate ruled that polygamist Rodney Holm may have sex with his first wife whenever he wants, but not with his second wife if his former plural wife's children are visiting.

This ruling was part of an ongoing court battle between Holm and his ex-plural wife Ruth Stubbs. Stubbs left both her polygamist husband and the practice of polygamy, during December last year. Holm, who is a police officer in Utah, lives in Hildale, Utah. Hildale borders Colorado City, Arizona, which is an area that includes many practicing polygamists and their families.

Judge Shumate gave Stubbs custody of her two children from her former polygamist union. And though Holm has been granted visitation, the judge ruled that he can't have sex with his second wife when Stubb's children visit him. However, it is unclear how this order will be enforced.

The federal courts have upheld the right of police officers to practice polygamy and continue to hold their jobs. Colorado City Town Marshal Sam Barlow, is also a polygamist. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that Barlow may hold his office, despite his lifestyle.

Note: This article is largely based upon "Judge Limits Sexual Activity Of Polygamist," Salt Lake Tribune, June 10, 2002

Copyright © 2002 Rick Ross.

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