FLDS: Polygamist sect practices

Sun Herald,Mississippi/May 16, 2008

Carolyn Jessop fears for her life and the survival of her eight children. "Ugly realities" highlight her first-person account of a life inside a religious cult known as the Fundamentalist of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS).

  • Members believe polygamy is a requirement for salvation
  • Sex is power in the FLDS
  • Sex is scheduled among wives
  • A woman without children has no power or status
  • Women are supposed to be in complete harmony with her husband
  • Wives can discipline another woman's child
  • Wives are extremely competitive with one another
  • Women in the FLDS give birth in the local clinic
  • Women are expected to be perfectly silent during childbirth
  • Other wives are expected to be present during other wives' childbirths
  • July 24, Pioneer Day, is the FLDS's biggest Mormon holiday
  • The Harvest Festival is the FLDS version of a county fair
  • Birthdays are rarely celebrated
  • Working wives hand over their entire salary to their husbands
  • Many members receive government benefits
  • Members believe the second death happens in the afterlife when a spirit is killed off for the rest of eternity
  • In the FLDS, refusing to have siex with one's husband is considered to be adultery
  • It is a sin for a woman to talk about abuse, if she is being abused, it is because she is not in harmony with her husband
  • Members are taught to fear the outside world
  • Men are not allowed to interfere in another man's family
  • Childhood immunizations are not allowed
  • Water is considered to be the devils's doman

List compiled by Karla Mass with notes taken from book "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop with Laura Palmer.

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