Psychic Karl Lang tricked young women into stripping naked, court hears

Wales Online/June 20, 2012

A psychic tricked young women into stripping naked at seances to help them get in touch with their dead relatives, a court heard.

Medium Karl Lang, 49, is accused of telling two women that taking off their clothes to carry out sexual acts would "enhance their psychic powers".

A jury heard Lang "totally brainwashed" the women, both in their twenties, who were trying to reach the spirit world to contact lost family.

Prosecutor Matthew Roberts said: "It was a cruel trick. He was a sexual fraudster and he conned them.

"He told them that by acting more and more outrageously they could get in touch with dead relatives they were desperate to speak to.

"He encouraged them to send him naked photographs of themselves saying it would increase their psychic powers.

"He told them they had to be naked as the spirits are also naked."

Lang also allegedly played out imaginary sexual fantasies - like pretending one young woman was having sex with five men on a desert island.

Newport Crown Court heard Lang devised a "spirit scale" with exercises designed to enhance his clients' psychic powers.

Mr Roberts told the court: "He said that being more outrageous would please the spirits and progress them on the spirit scale."

The young women were told to send him a series of naked pictures on their phone - and to act out sexual scenarios.

Mr Roberts said: "He totally brainwashed them. He was a charming, charismatic spiritualist who was able to dominate his victims."

The first alleged victim lost her father 10 years ago and was impressed after seeing Lang give a psychic reading at a friend's house.

Mr Roberts said: "She wanted to be trained as a medium to reach her dad and help other grieving people.

"But the training became more explicit and intense.

"It involved her touching herself in front of Lang and sending him sending Lang naked photographs of herself.

"Alarm bells started ringing when Lang told her that to progress to the next level he must touch her."

She told police how she felt "brainwashed, manipulated and groomed" into stripping naked and performing sexual acts on herself.

She said: "He was an abuser taking advantage of the fact that my dad died when I was young and I never had the chance to say goodbye."

Lang met her over two years - and he told her that her father had contacted him to say her psychic skills had improved after she sat naked and touched herself.

The court heard Lang had warned the brunette not to tell anyone about his training methods because he was the "reincarnation of Jesus Christ."

The other woman, who was trying to reach her dead grandfather, stopped visiting Lang when he said he would have to touch her with his mouth if she wanted to "progress up the psychic scale".

Lang, of Newport, South Wales, denies 12 charges of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent.

The offences are alleged to have happened between 2005 and 2009.

The first alleged victim spoke of her experiences with psychic Karl Lang after she tried to contact her dead father.

The smartly-dressed 27-year-old woman had a series of weekly sessions with Lang where he regularly told her to strip and perform sexual acts.

Speaking via video link to avoid seeing his face, she said: "Karl blackmailed me.

"He said if I ever told on him or stopped training, I would never be able to speak to my father.

"I was vulnerable, manipulated and brainwashed - and he knew it.

"He reassured us by saying what we were doing was completely normal, that this was how you trained to become a medium. But I felt pressurised and uncomfortable.

"Karl said I needed to be spiritually cleansed to get to the next level of my training - and to do this I had to strip naked.

"One day he told me he had performed oral sex on a girl he was training. He said the spirit world was instructing him to do it with me.

"That creeped me out. When he suggested oral sex, I knew it had to stop.

"Karl said nothing would ever happen to him. He was Jesus Christ, he was invincible.

"I thought it was very strange, but I trusted him. We were groomed and whatever Karl said went as gospel.

"Now every time I think of my father, I am haunted by Karl."

She has now been prescribed anti-depressants for anxiety since her ordeal.

The trial continues.

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