Monterey Park Residents Warned Of 'Psychic Healer' Fraud Ring

CBS LA News/February 7, 2013

Monterey Park - Police on Thursday warned residents in Monterey Park to beware of individuals posing as "Psychic Healers" due to several victims reporting thefts of large amounts of money and jewelry.

The suspects are targeting elderly female Chinese residents, according to Monterey Park Police. Victims have been approached at bus stops and shopping areas throughout the city.

A victim on Jan. 15 reported that she was approached by three female suspects in the area of Atlantic Blvd. and Garvey Ave. in Monterey Park. The suspects told the victim that she had bad luck, illness, and evil spirits and they knew a psychic healer who could help her.

The suspects advised her to go home and return with rice, jewelry, and money in a black plastic bag and they would pray, "bless" it, and return it to her, claiming the "blessed" property would absolve her of her bad luck.

The victim provided the suspects with her valuables. The suspects performed the ceremony and the property was returned to the victim. They advised her to not open the bag until a few days later or the prayer would not work.

The victim complied and when she opened the bag she discovered it contained a bottle of water and newspaper.

The individuals were recently detained by another police agency regarding the same type of fraud and theft.

The suspects are believed to be transient, staying in local motels or possibly residential motels.

Residents are advised to be aware of this scam and to contact the Monterey Park Police Department at (626) 573-1311 if approached by anyone with a similar request.

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