Former member says psychic "cult" will "fall apart" after leader's death

News Summary/August 16, 2016

By Rick Alan Ross

William Duby ("Rev. Bill") 55, the founder of the Spiritual Rights Foundation died December 5, 2001, while teaching a class at Berkeley Psychic Studies.

Reportedly Rev. Bill was once a "street hustler," or so he boasted, according to the East Bay Express.

Duby started his organization in the 1980s and managed to buy up a few Berkeley properties. He owned a farm on Bethel Island.

Something of a self-styled entrepreneur Duby dabbled in publishing and real estate.

Two women, Robin and Angela, referred to as Duby's "cowwives," took over after his death.

But it seems herd is troubled. Ex-members of the church told the East Bay Express that Duby condemned certain men and exiled them, splitting up families. Custody battles swirled around the group that some called a "cult."

Steve Sanchez, one of the exiled dads told the East Bay Express, "We're theorizing that they're going to fall apart. They have no charismatic figure anymore to keep the money rolling in."

CBS News was reportedly interested in doing a report about the group, which some referred to as a "cult."

Note: This news summary is based upon the report "Whither the psychic academy?" written by Will Harper and published by the East Bay Express December 19, 2001

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