Fake psychic at NY mall arrested in curse scam

Associated Press/October 9, 2009

Lake Grove, New York - A woman posing as a fortune teller is accused of trying to scam a Long Island woman out of more than a thousand dollars by leading her to believe she was cursed.

Police say a 22-year-old woman was arrested Friday at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove in an undercover sting.

They say that an 18-year-old Smithtown woman reported that she was approached by a woman at the mall claiming to be a fortune teller on Sept. 7. After initial readings that cost $25 and $100, two days later police say the fake psychic told the Smithtown woman she was cursed. Police say the fake psychic then offered to have it removed for $1,250.

After a $600 down payment, the fake psychic gave the woman a stone and a Ziploc bag of body wash.

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