Police Say Psychic Scammed Woman Out Of Thousands

News Channel 5, Tennessee/October 15, 2009

Gallatin, Tennessee - Police said one mid-state woman was scammed out of $45,000 by a Gallatin psychic. They said it was all part of an elaborate scheme.

Police arrested the owners of Psychic Readers in Gallatin, Evonna Pebbles Williams and Billy Marks. They are accused of scamming a Sumner County woman out of $45,000.

"They take advantage of someone who is vulnerable like this lady who had some deaths in her family and went to the wrong person for some counseling, advice," said Bill Storment, Gallatin police.

The self proclaimed fortune teller, Williams, told the victim she was cursed and that her money was the source of her problems. Williams offered to spiritually cleanse the cash.

"They led her to believe if they did not cleanse this money, more harm might come to her family including her children," said Storment.

Police said Williams and Marks took the money and never gave it back. When authorities arrested the two, they found evidence that suggested they had victimized multiple people.

"They are not just taking money. They are taking other valuable property," said Storment.

Detectives are investigating whether they are connected to other con-artists in the area. In 2006 NewsChannel 5 investigated the psychic for a similar scam. She is suspected to go by many names including Janie Marks, the same last name as one of the suspects in the Gallatin case.

Call Gallatin police if you believe you have been scammed by Psychic Readers. Both Marks and Williams each face charges of Theft by Deception over $10,000.

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