Manhattan psychic nothing but a scammer: suit

The New York Post/February 17, 2010

A Greenwich Village fortune teller was actually a fortune taker, a dissatisfied client claimed today in a lawsuit.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dane Chan claims psychic Silvia Mitchell conned her out of over $10,000 after she was told the money would be used to cleanse her of her "impurities."

Chan claims the fortune teller -- who worked out of a storefront known as "Zena Psychic" on Seventh Avenue -- took advantage of her in October 2008 as she dealt with personal problems that included a recent breakup with a boyfriend and a difficult time at work.

In two instances, Mitchell told Chan to put nine $100 bills in a jar -- for a total of $1,800 -- to help cleanse her. In both cases, Mitchell took the cash-filled jars.

Chan also claims Mitchell went on a shopping spree and swiped Chan's credit card twice for $4,743 at a downtown Ralph Lauren store, the lawsuit alleges.

When Chan asked Mitchell why the psychic went shopping at a name-brand store, the allegedly crooked clairvoyant said it was "material" for a ritual she was going to perform.

After that, Chan tried to contact Mitchell, but never again heard from her, according to the lawsuit.

Chan is suing for $75,000 in damages.

A woman who answered the phone this afternoon at "Zena Psychic" called the allegations "completely untrue."

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