Psychic didn't see her arrest coming

Sun Sentinel, Florida/March 17, 2010

Professed psychic Gina Marie Marks is in trouble with the law, facing charges that she swindled a former Coconut Grove woman out of nearly $300,000 in cash, gift cards, jewelry and other merchandise, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Marks, of Hollywood, had been arrested several times before on similar charges.

And it looks like Marks found yet another mark.

Time was short, the "psychic" told her client. To keep her father from suffering a fatal heart attack, the client had to act fast, reports the Sun Sentinel.

So she did. The client went to Aventura Mall and opened accounts in several stores, using the credit to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards, which she then turned over to Marks, 37.

It worked. The heart attack never came.

But the arrest did.

According to the arrest warrant, the "psychic" asked the victim to rub gel over her body, wrap herself in cellophane and go for a six-mile jog. That was in September 2008, according to a private detective later hired by the victim's family. The woman went for the jog while wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, said the detective, Bob Nygaard.

Marks also allegedly asked the victim to give her money so that Marks could "cleanse" it and return it to her.

The money was never returned, the Sheriff's Office said.

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