Man says psychic duped him into giving Rolexes, a Hummer and cash

KGW News Channel 8,Portland/May 8, 2010

Drakar Druella went to see a psychic on Hawthorne Boulevard to deal with childhood abuse issues last fall.

He claims that psychic Cathy Stevens took advantage of his emotional vulnerability with gender identity issues from childhood, his upbringing as Roman Catholic and personal details of his life to sway him into providing cash, Rolex watches, even a Hummer.

She said she needed a component within the Rolex for her treatments and the Hummer to conduct her work in remote areas.

Police arrested Stevens last January on aggravated theft accusations, but dropped the charges to look further into the case.

Stevens attorney said his client is only in the business of helping people and suggested that a police reference to gypsies in a prior report hints of religious persecution.

Druella said the public can be unkind to people who have gone through his experience.

"Don't be embarrassed," he suggests to others who fell into his situation. "This is a culture that I think quite frankly treat people who go through these kinds of things kind of like the way women used to be treated for being raped. They get blamed. 'You were stupid. You let this happen. You asked for this. That's what you get for not using your noggin."

"But these people (like him) who walk through doors like this," he said, "are in really tough places in life."

Portland Police Bureau detectives believe there are other victims, said spokeswoman Detective Mary Wheat.

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