Colorado psychic arrested for telling clients their money was possessed by evil spirits, Colorado/May 12, 2010

Nancy Marks, a psychic from Lafayette, Colorado, was arrested for fraud after telling clients their "money [was] evil" and that she'd take their cursed cash so "the money would suffer" instead. Marks made at least $290,000 using this scam.

Marks - who runs a psychic reading business creatively named Psychic Readings - warned victims that malicious spirits were haunting their bank accounts and that she would take the evil assets off their hands. Her scam would've continued had a whistleblower named Linda not contacted police. According to Linda,

For each evil spirit that was supposedly around me, she told me a certain number of thousand of dollars that I needed to bring to her [...] She told me if I didn't give her more and more money, that something terrible would befall my mother.

Marks is charged with two counts of Theft Over $20,000 and one count of Criminal Impersonation. If Marks told you Vigo the Carpathian was exercising demonic influence over your bank account, you can contact detectives at (303)-665-5571.

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