Alleged psychic accused of stealing $200,000 from Irvine woman

The Los Angeles Times/April 18, 2011

A woman claiming to be a psychic will be arraigned today on 36 felony counts relating to commercial burglary, credit fraud and grand theft against an Irvine woman. Lisa Debbie Adams, 34, told an Irvine woman she was cursed and instructed her do things like purchase $30,000 in gold bars to create a “shield” and open credit cards to buy luxury items to “ward off evil,” according to the district attorney’s office.

The 37 year old Irvine woman, who was not identified, reported Adams in 2009 to Irvine Police. After an investigation, officers arrested Adams in her home in West Hollywood.

The woman was first approached by Adams while walking in West Hollywood. Adams, wearing a sign that advertised herself as a psychic, told her to make an appointment to be cleansed. The woman was later told that she had been cursed in the womb and instructed to withdraw different amounts of money from her accounts ranging up to $96,000, according to a DA press release.

When the woman tried to stop working with Adams, the alleged psychic said that stopping now would put her whole family in danger. In her fear, she continued to act on instructions like purchasing electronics, clothing and jewelery and Mercedes convertible — which she had to sell back to the dealership at a loss of $5,000, according to the press release.

The business relationship ended after August 2009.

Adams is in custody at the Central Jail, where she will be arraigned, on $250,000 bail.

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