Houston attorney sues psychic, claiming breach of contract over 'love ritual'

The Houston Chronicle/December 20, 2013

By Carol Christian

A Houston lawyer who says he paid a psychic $3,200 has sued the woman in State District Court, claiming her "love ritual" didn't work.

A Houston lawyer who says he paid a psychic $3,200 has sued the woman in State District Court, claiming her "love ritual" didn't work.

Michael G. Busby Jr. filed the suit Dec. 16 against Psychic Love Spell Center, Melena Thorn, aka Christine Mitchell, and other named defendants.

According to the plaintiff's petition, Busby went to Thorn on Dec. 4 for a $30 tarot card reading.

After the reading, Thorn recommended a ritual "to unite husband and wife" and sold it to Busby for $500, the petition states.

Part of the ritual involved "chakras," or centers of spiritual power in the body, which required use of special lights.

For the lights, Busby paid Thorn $2,700, which was placed in a box. Thorn allegedly told Busby she would cleanse the money and return it to him within four hours, along with dolls to represent the man and the woman.

Finishing the ritual involved placing the box under the marital bed and saying prayers, the petition states.

The money and the box were given to Thorn at 5 p.m. Dec. 6, but had not been returned to Busby when the suit was filed 10 days later, the petition states.

Thorn said through her in-laws, Sonny and Christine Nicholas, that no money was ever placed in the box, according to the petition.

Busby's petition states he will show that more than 100 people have been defrauded by the family or business in the last four years.

He also claims the business in the 3700 block of Bellaire Boulevard has not been registered with the secretary of state.

The petition asks the court to make the suit class-action, to include everyone in Texas who has or previously had an oral or written contract for services with the defendants.

In a set of questions known as "interrogatories" and attached to the petition, Busby asked Thorn to identify the family and "trace for 150 generations for which you allege to have inherited psychic gifts."

He also asked her to identify the ranking system used to rate her at five stars as a psychic and when, if ever, she was ranked at five stars.

Busby is seeking more than $1 million in damages and a permanent injunction to stop the defendant from fortune telling.

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