Self-proclaimed psychic takes no-jail plea deal in scam

New York Post/January 21, 2014

By Rebecca Rosenberg

Smooth-talking “psychic” Crystal Marks pleaded guilty Tuesday to scamming a Greenwich Village lawyer out of $118,000 in gold Rolex watches, cash and gift cards as part of a no-jail plea deal Tuesday in a Manhattan court.

The rotund soothsayer was arrested Oct. 10 and charged with grand larceny for conning civil lawyer Laura Brooks out of her savings by promising to “improve her romantic life, family life and career.”

Marks has to pay back the full value of the swindled goods and cash she received by June 16th or will be subject to three months in jail.

If she makes full restitution, she’ll be sentenced to five years probation, said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward.

“My client is remorseful for what she’s done and hopes to move forward with her life,” said the crystal baller’s defense lawyer Paul Ascher.

The 28-year-old victim stumbled into the clairvoyant’s DUMBO, Brooklyn storefront after having suffered several personal setbacks, she told The Post.

She was desperate and depressed when Marks, 31, promised to help her.

Brooks handed over thousands in cash before Marks took her to a Midtown Tourneau store and demanded that she buy $88,000 worth of Rolex watches to reverse a wrong she’d committed three years prior.

Brooks even bought the fraudster tens of thousands of dollars in Barneys gift cards in the month-long scheme that began in September of this year.

When cops arrested Marks she had 10 gift cards, about $500 in cash and two cell phones on her.

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