Jail for psychic who duped customers with 'healing rocks'

The New York Post/May 5, 2014

By Lia Eustachewich

A phony Upper East Side psychic who duped starry-eyed victims out of thousands of dollars with magical “healing rocks” was slapped with jail time Monday for violating terms of a plea agreement.

Betty Vlado, 43, was sentenced to 1-3 years behind bars for not showing up for a court date and failing to repay about $55,000 before January 15.

The sham gypsy was promised no jail time when she pleaded guilty last year to grand larceny and fortune telling charges, as long as she paid full restitution and fines and returned to court. She has repaid the full amount, albeit too late.

Vlado conned three victims out of thousands by telling them they had black auras that needed to be cleansed.

The most gullible victim dished out $14,500 for a rock Vlado claimed was a “meteorite from a NASA insider,” court papers said. That victim, who paid a total of $50,000, also bought jewelry to “clean out bad energy” and bath salts to change the color of her “third eye” and “aura.”

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