Psychic embarrassed after summoning the wrong spirit

Standard, UK/May 27, 2014

Middlesbrough, England -- Mystic to the stars Sally Morgan was left embarrassed by the stage blunder which had the ­audience in stitches, according to blogger Myles Power.

With her astonishing psychic powers, Sally Morgan really should have seen this coming…

But the mystic to the stars was left embarrassed when a woman in a photograph she was passing messages from the spirit world about turned out to be sitting in front of her – alive.

The stage blunder had the ­audience in stitches, according to blogger Myles Power. He said: “People can submit photographs of dead loved ones, in the hope Sally gives a psychic reading.

"Sally pulled out a photo of a woman. She began communicating from beyond the grave with a man holding a baby .

“She got in contact with the woman in the photo.

"When she got no response from the audience, she asked whoever submitted it to stand up.

"It turned out the woman got the concept of submitting a picture of someone to talk to wrong, and submitted one of herself.

"The hall erupted in laughter. She was unable to get the audience back.” Flustered Sally, 62, swiftly moved on after the incident at ­Middlesbrough.

Her agent Hayley Appleby claimed others gave a different version of events and were upset by the blog.

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