Canadian TV Psychic Sparks Furor With Hitler Comments

"Mom's A Medium" host Carmel Joy Baird told a radio interviewer the Nazi dictator was not a bad soul, before adding: "He's with great-granny on the other side"

The Hollywood Reporter/June 10, 2014

By Etan Vlessing

Banf, Alberta -- TV psychic Carmel Joy Baird drew unwanted attention to her upcoming Canadian reality series debut by suggesting Adolf Hitler is a good soul living in a haloed afterlife.

During a radio interview with The Edge host Dominik Diamond, Baird insisted there are no bad souls in the next world, only good souls, the infamous Nazi dictator included.

"He's (Hitler) with great-granny on the other side," the Alberta-based spirit world reader added.

Baird was on a promotion tour for her upcoming CMT reality TV series, Mom's a Medium, where she balances family life with psychic readings to connect the grieving with ancestral souls.

Her comments left Len Rudner, director of community relations and outreach at the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Toronto, fuming.

"Ms Baird is entitled to her opinion about what happened to Hitler in the next world. We are much more concerned with what he did in this world, which was to attempt to annihilate the Jewish people," Rudner said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

"This is far more important to remember. The souls that deserve our attention are the souls of the people that were murdered during Hitler’s genocide and the souls of those who grieve them," she added.

Baird has not backed off her comments about Hitler, and Corus Entertainment, which owns and operates the CMT channel, defended its TV host.

"Carmel Baird is a psychic medium. She believes that when people die their spirits all go to the same place and this is where she connects with them," Corus said in its own statement.

"While she believes our spirits all move on to the next place, she does not see this as a pardon for people who have acts to answer for here on Earth," the broadcaster concluded.

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