Police say psychic defrauded customers of nearly $1 million

KOCO TV News, Oklahoma/December 11, 2014

By Markie Martin

Oklahoma City -- Police put an Oklahoma City psychic behind bars last month for defrauding clients of nearly $1 million — an arrest not even she saw coming.

Some people who work and live close to her business say they are shocked by her alleged past.

Sonia Marks had been operating a palm-reading business on Western Avenue for several years before her November arrest. She had been wanted in Ohio since 1994 for several crimes, including grand theft and corrupt activity.

She's accused of scamming customers out of money.

Richard Foster, who works next door to Marks, said, “Well it figures; it’s a psychic place. I mean, what can you say?”

Other locals, like Roxana Torres, however, said they never expected something so serious to happen so close to home.

“It is unexpected that this would happen right next door to us,” said Torres.

Foster and Torres said they never saw much activity around Marks’s business. Both said they didn’t believe in psychic services and rarely saw the woman behind the neon tarot card lights.

"We saw a couple cars maybe every once in a while, but not all the time,” said Torres.

"I haven't ever actually seen it operating. Every time I've been by, there's usually nobody there or one car there," said Foster.

Oklahoma City police located Marks during a traffic stop on the south side of town at the intersection of Lakeside Drive and 33rd Street.

She was originally booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and has since been relocated to Ohio.

KOCO 5 called her business number on Wednesday, and the person we spoke to declined to comment.

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