Psychic to refund $7K to Iowans promised wealth, miracles

KCCI News 8, Iowa/April 13, 2015

Des Moines, Iowa —The Iowa Attorney General's Office reported Monday that 325 Iowans will receive refunds as part of a settlement.

Nature Plus Limited, of Stratford upon Avon, has agreed to pay $7,000.

"It's not hard to understand how some older and more fragile people could be drawn in by these sincere-sounding lies," Attorney General Tom Miller said. "What's hard to understand, though, and something our office will not tolerate, are those preying upon susceptible Iowans who can least afford the losses, and picking their pockets."

The Attorney General's Office said mostly older Iowans who responded to the personalized psychic solicitations.  They sent money at the request of "Mary Theresa" or "Lady of Hearts" in response to the mailings promising wealth and miracles.

The letters requested a fee between about $20-$54.  Some Iowans lost hundreds of dollars.

An investigation started when a woman discovered her 91-year-old mother was almost going broke sending checks to psychics and prize promoters.

The company is also ordered to stop all mail solicitations directed to Iowans.

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