Los Angeles psychic accused of swindling $220K from elderly Brevard County woman, deputies say

WESH NBC News, Florida/May 11, 2015

By Anna Marie Adams

Sharpes, Florida —A so-called psychic from Los Angeles has been hauled off to the Brevard County Jail after a woman there lost nearly a quarter of $1 million, according to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

The elderly victim said she believed Anna Marie Adams, 24, was her friend, deputies said.

Investigators said Adams promised that she could protect the victim’s health, help her communicate with her ex-husband and remove an evil magic spell from her children.

“They're very good at reading people. She saw some things from talking to the victim and thought she could gain confidence, and she realized she had some money,” said Brevard County sheriff’s spokesman Tod Goodyear.

Detectives said it all started when the elderly victim visited Adams, a married mother of four, in Los Angeles and got a psychic reading.

Soon afterward, the victim’s money started disappearing, deputies said. First it was a $30,000 check, then a $50,000 check and then another or $120,000.

Adams used the money to buy a $93,000 BMW 640i.

She was later arrested in Los Angeles and extradited to the Brevard County Jail to face trial, since the checks were sent from Brevard County.

Adams is being held on a $350,000 bond.

Experts said signs of elderly exploitation include checks written to cash, transfer of assets to friends and unexplained changes to a will.

In this case, the victim’s husband noticed the large money transfers too late, which made it impossible to get any of the money back.

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