Psychic scammed grad student out of $2.5K to lift family curse: suit

New York Post/June 12, 2017

By Priscilla DeGregory and Steven Hirsch

A self-proclaimed psychic tricked a Columbia grad student into paying her $2,500 to lift a curse from her family, authorities said.

Virginia Mitchell, whose aliases include BabyGirl Stevens and Psychic Paula, approached the 23-year-old on April 1 saying she had “negativity” around her, says a Manhattan criminal complaint.

A week later, the student went to Mitchell’s apartment on East 58th Street where Mitchell, 49, asked her to pay $300 to burn nine candles with “special powers,” to cleanse the negativity, said a private investigator Bob Nygaard, who assisted in the investigation.

Mitchell later told the woman she needed to bury 22 pennies, 22 rose petals, 22 $100 bills, authorities said. When the woman balked, the psychic allegedly said the student’s sick mother’s condition would worsen, it would cost her a million times more and her future children would inherit the negative energy.

The student, finally suspicious, demanded her money back and when Mitchell refused, went to cops who busted Mitchell, authorities said.

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