Midtown Psychic Scams 'Vulnerable' Mom Out Of $86K, DA Says

The money was needed for a "ritual" to combat "black magic" performed by the woman's former in-laws.

Midtown Manhattan Patch/February 16, 2018

By Brendan Krisel

Midtown Manhattan, New York — A Midtown Manhattan-based psychic is facing criminal charges for scamming a mother out of more than $85,000, officials and private investigators said.

Sharon Adams, 26, conned a Queens woman into believing that her former in-laws had placed a "black magic" curse on her after her divorce, private investigator Bob Nygaard said.

Adams convinced the woman to pay her $86,901.79 during the nine-month period between Jan. 30 and Sept. 30, according a statement given by the victim, who wished to remain anonymous.

The psychic turned herself into police Thursday and was charged with grand larceny in the second and fourth degree, according to a criminal complaint from the Manhattan district attorney's office.

The woman reached out to Adams, who was calling herself "Psychic Faith," after researching psychics on the internet. The woman — in a vulnerable emotional state due to the stressful divorce, litigation and a recent health scare — was roped into believing that Adams could help solve her problems.

"I was hurt, confused, and desperately seeking answers in regard to why all these negative events were occurring in my life," the victim said in a statement. "I was curious as to what I had done to deserve these hardships and determined not to let such hardships happen to anyone else who I was close with again."

During a tarot card reading in a Midtown Manhattan apartment, Adams told the woman that she and her daughter were destined to have a bright future, but that future was being prevented by "black magic" performed by her in-laws. Adams then convinced the woman to give her money in order to perform various rituals that would deflect the negative energy, according to private investigator Bob Nygaard. As time went on, the psychic required more money and kept pushing back the date of the rituals, the investigator said.

The woman said she was promised reimbursement for the rituals, but when the money was never returned after nine months, she reached out to the private investigator. Nygaard handed his investigation over to the NYPD, who were fully cooperative, the investigator said.

Adams' lawyer contacted the NYPD and arranged for her to turn herself in to police on Thursday morning, Nygaard said. Adams was released on her own recognizance after a court appearance Thursday and will appear in court again on March 27, a spokesman for the District Attorney's office said.

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