Police Arrest Woman Posing As Psychic Accused Of Stealing $100K, Promising To ‘Bless’ Cash

CBS News 13, Sacramento/February 6, 2020

A woman who claims she is a psychic was arrested on grand theft charges after authorities said she took about $100,000 from people under false pretenses.

Authorities say Perlita Afanacio-Ballester, 29, represented herself as a psychic to gain the trust of her alleged victims.

After gaining their trust, Afanacio-Ballester is accused of promising to “bless” any money given to her by doubling the amount. She then allegedly told the victims to drop off the money, then return several days later.

However, when they came back for their money, Afanacio-Ballester cleaned out her place and was gone. About $100,000 was taken, authorities say.

Afanacio-Ballester was arrested in Orange County on Jan. 28 on grand theft and false personation charges.

Police say after sharing Afanacio-Ballester’s photo on social media and with the local media, detectives were able to identify the suspect and identify more victims.

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