Former Greenwich 'psychic' sentenced in Westchester (N.Y.) court

Greenwich Time, Connecticut/March 3, 2020

By Robert Marchant

A psychic who “read fortunes” and took in thousands of dollars from customers in Greenwich and New York was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge in Westchester County Court Tuesday morning.

Janet Lee, who once billed herself as “the Greenwich Psychic,” had earlier pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

Lee, 45, was arrested in Bedford, N.Y., in connection with the transfer of $11,600 from a Bedford woman to Lee for her fortune-telling services in June of 2018. She was also arrested on a criminal charge in the town of Mount Pleasant, also in Westchester County, in August 2018, according to court documents.

She was sentenced on charges of criminal possession of stolen property, and fortune telling, a criminal violation in New York state, both misdemeanors.

Lee was also held responsible for the loss of $32,900 from a Greenwich woman, according to a 2017 lawsuit in Superior Court in Stamford, but was not charged criminally in Connecticut. A judge ruled in the Greenwich woman’s favor, ordering restitution.

Lee had an office on Greenwich Avenue for years before relocating to Westchester.

Judge Susan Cacace also placed a protective order on Lee, a Scarsdale, N.Y., resident, prohibiting her from having any contact with the people she once “advised.”

The sentencing will spare her jail time, while conditions were applied requiring her to make restitution. A 90-day jail sentence was the maximum penalty.

Lee would tell her clients she had spiritual energy from ancient Egypt and took their money for “spiritual work” to remove “the dark force.”

Lee was free on $3,000 bail.

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