Patra ‘psychic’ arrested for trying to defraud woman out of €20,000, Greece/November 10, 2020

A woman was arrested on Tuesday in the western port city of Patra for posing as a psychic medium, claiming she could break magical spells and managing to extract more than 20,000 euros from a victim.

The arrested woman told the victim that she was under a magic spell which she could break for a fee.

She even warned her that she would die from the spell in a few days if it was not broken.

However, police were eventually notified and arrested the self-styled spell-breaker in possession of marked bills she received from the victim.

In a search of her home, police found and confiscated 130 euros, a business card, a cross, two statuettes with Egyptian and Chinese designs, a New Testament and a Quran.

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