S.I.S.T. Member Criticizes Shawano Leaders in YouTube Videos

WSAW TV News, Wisconsin/December 2, 2008

A series of videos posted to YouTube attack and criticize Shawano City leaders. Officials say it appears the videos were posted by a member of the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology, which has been the subject of an F.B.I. investigation.

That investigation began when the F.B.I and law enforcement told 60 Shawano community members their names were on an apparent hit-list, and it was connected to S.I.S.T.

The videos show law enforcement responding to S.I.S.T. property, and having confrontations with S.I.S.T. members. The video claims officers are there to harass the group.

The video continues with a man reading a statement behind a podium. In his statement, he calls Shawano's mayor, Lorna Marquardt, a 'Christian Cult leader.' It says the fire chief, who recently inspected some of S.I.S.T.'s properties is her hit-man, and local law enforcement are followers of the mayor's cult. It claims that the mayor is using law enforcement and the fire department to 'instigate racial genocide.'

Those videos can be found linked to below.

Meanwhile, security at Shawano's City Hall has been increased significantly. The building is still on lockdown, meaning citizens need to enter through the police department. There's also now bullet-proof glass surrounding the reception area, and the mayor's office has a metal door installed with a bullet-proof window. Keyless entry doors are being installed throughout city hall.

The mayor says they are security enhancements that have been needed for some time. She also says she won't be in this Friday's downtown holiday parade, but that she will take part in other local holiday events, and the parade will go on as planned.

The F.B.I. says there's nothing new to report in their investigation into the list, but it is still a focus.

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