Man arrested on unrelated warrant after videotaping outside mayor's home

The Shawano Leader, Wisconsin/December 5, 2008

A man believed to be affiliated with the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology was arrested on an outstanding warrant Wednesday shortly after being seen videotaping outside the mayor's home.

Zechariah G. Sindt, 34, was confronted by Donald Marquardt, husband of Mayor Lorna Marquardt, during the videotaping, the mayor said.

Marquardt said she then contacted police because the incident further concerned her in the wake of statements Sindt has made recently on the Internet.

Sindt can be seen in several You Tube videos in which he accuses Marquardt of running a "Christian cult" dedicated to the elimination of SIST.

Though Sindt was not breaking the law by videotaping, Marquardt said, "I certainly felt some intimidation given the fact he's on the Internet accusing me of instigating racial genocide, of having a criminal record and being part of a SWAT team training to decimate and eradicate them."

Marquardt said anyone would have had reason to be concerned about Sindt's presence in the wake of those videos.

"I viewed it as another means to intimidate and harass me," she said.

According to the Shawano Police Department report, Sindt was later located at the People's Express gas station on Green Bay St. and Airport Rd., which is owned by SIST subsidiary Midwest Oil of Shawano.

A routine check on Sindt turned up an outstanding arrest warrant issued in St. Croix County.

According to the state's circuit court access web site, the arrest warrant was issued July 22 because of Sindt's failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge of issuing worthless checks.

According to the Shawano County Jail, Sindt posted bond and was released shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday.

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