Shawano Community Feeling Uneasy

WGBA NBC26 TV, Wisconsin/November 13, 2008

The Shawano community is on edge after the FBI said they're investigating implied threats against 60 people. NBC26 went to the "Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology's" compound in Shawano on Thursday to get some answers, but we were quickly surrounded.

Almost everyone in Shawano knows the SIST group who frequents a compound north of town. Some say they don't have a problem with the group.

"They pretty much keep to themselves," said Denielle Hintz.

But others say the group makes them feel uneasy.

NBC26 reporter Kristoffer Engebretson asked Rebecca Lalond, "Are people scared?"

"I suppose some people can be," replied Lalond.

NBC26 took our questions to the SIST. As soon as we showed up, a car pulled up and a man got out.

The unidentified man said, "You guys hit the road. I have nothing to say to you."

Engebretson replied,"We're on public property. Would you like to comment?"

"No idea what you're talking about," said the unidentified man.

Within minutes, one more car arrived and blocked in our NBC26 vehicle. They wouldn't answer our questions and took pictures of our news crew.

Engebretson asked, "What is the reason you guys showed up right away? All of a sudden two cars are here, and you have cameras out. Is there a reason why you guys are acting like this?"

The unidentified man said, "Do you have a camera out?"

"We're here to cover a story." replied Engebretson.

"Well maybe we're here to cover a story too," said the unidentified man.

Before we left, a third vehicle came and surrounded us. People we talked to in Shawano say they're not surprised.

"Everybody does wonder what they're capable of, because they behave in such a weird manner," said Katie Jones.

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