Police Investigate Scene of Chilean Sect Baby Killing

I Love Chile/May 7, 2013

Quilpue - Yesterday, the Police of Investigations (PDI) reconstructed the circumstances surrounding the death of a three-day-old baby in Colliguay. The child was killed as part of a ritual sacrifice by a Chilean sect.

The police, together with two of the accused – Pablo Undurraga and David Pastén – went to the crime scene in Quilpué, where the Chilean sect ritual in which Ramon Castillo's newborn was burnt alive took place.

Police found a knife, which they believed was used to injure the baby before she was thrown into the flames.

According to police, Pastén then buried the knife six kilometers from the place where the sacrifice occurred.

The investigation also confirmed that Undurraga handed the baby to Castillo before the "Antares from the Light" – as he was called by his followers – committed the crime.

District attorney Carlos Parra didn't dismiss the possibility that there are additional guilty parties.

The Renaca clinic, where the child was born, will also be investigated. Police are questioning the legality of withdrawing a two-day-old baby without first registering her on the register of births.

After an extended man-hunt, sect leader Castillo was found hung in Peru last week.

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