Republic of Texas Press Release

April 30, 1997

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            Jeanette Kinman, Under Secretary of Public Relations

                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                              June 19, 1996

                    Republic of Texas Finalizes Steps
            Under Law of Nations for International Recognition

In a series of three filings addressed to the United Nations dated June 1,
June 5 and June 13, 1996, the Republic of Texas has completed all the steps
necessary to secure its independence from the United States of America by
lawful process under international law.

Texas gave notice with respect to Article 12 of Resolution 263 passed by
United Nations general assembly December 9, 1948 and ratified by the U.S.A.
in 1988, which covers the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide.

Thereby, Texas has perfected its prior standings in foreign relations with
the united States and reverts to the April 25, 1838 treaty between them.
Thus, agents of the U.S. and officers of its sub-corporation State of Texas
can be tried and punished for imposing laws and policies extinguishing the
national and ethnic character of Texans.

Texas gave the U.N. notice that all treaties, conventions or international
agreements which the U.S. may have represented to extend as the contracting
party over the territory of Texas by acts of foreign relations are revoked.

Hereafter, the Republic of Texas is no longer a member of the United
Nations, NAFTA, GATT or military alliances, and no federal bureau may
lawfully operate on the soil of Texas. All federal laws are now null and
void in the Republic of Texas.

Texas demands that the U.S.A. and its political subdivision, the State of
Texas, immediately cease and desist their attempts to continue to exercise
foreign relations acts and law on the land and territory of Texas and
demands that the U.N. general assembly formally recognize the independence
and sovereignty of the Texas nation and force its signatory, the U.S.A., to
comply forthwith.

All people domiciling on the soil of Texas for at least six months prior
to June 13, 1996 are now considered the People and Citizens of the Republic
of Texas except for foreign nationals and imported prisoners.

All private and public debt owed by Texas Citizens to Federal Reserve
banks, United States Treasury, the International Monetary Fund or their
third-party agencies are cancelled since these loans were made out of
created credit instead of based on money.  This does not revoke contracts or
obligations held between private parties that constitute lawful debt based
on lawful exchange and demand.

The nation of Texas, its People and its government known as the Republic
of Texas will not be responsible for the illusory debt created by the United
States or its entity, State of Texas, by and through the acts of March 9,
1933, as amended. This is reciprocal in accordance with the previous acts in
color of March 1, 1845, where the United States did not accept the debts of
the Republic of Texas.

All existing military armaments, equipment, and facilities on, over, or
under the soil and waters of Texas are hereby deemed the property of the
People of the Republic of Texas, and an immediate notification is to be
served on all base commanders, advising that these properties will be
absorbed into the Texas defense system.

The Texas State Bar Association is hereby dissolved, and shall have no
legal tie to courts of the Republic of Texas or to any operation in
transition for the extradition of cases from the absorbed former Texas state
courts. This does not limit the right of the former attorneys' association
to reorganize and operate as a common law guild for purposes of legal
education and setting standards for their private membership.

The General Council of the Provisional Government is organized and prepared
to assume the administration of the restored nation of Texas. Its members
have been assembling the necessary personnel and information to immediately
begin the transition of government functions. The entire legal system of the
Republic will be based on Common Law, and the financial structure is to be
based on natural resources with gold and silver deposits in the treasury. No
foreign troops will be allowed within the borders of Texas. Homes and farms
of Texas Citizens will be held in absolute allodial title rather than by
deed. Personal freedom of all sovereign Citizens will be greater than
anywhere else in the world; and with relief from taxes, prosperity should
soar throughout the Republic. May God bless the Republic of Texas!

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