Follower of La Santisima Muerte Defending Her Faith

KRGV TV News, Texas/May 12, 2009

Brownsville - Evelyn asked us to hide her face to protect her kids, but she says she's not ashamed of her devotion to Mexico's grim reaper.

"She's always listed to me. And as long as she listens to me, I will be there for her as well," Evelyn says.

Evelyn tells us she's been a loyal follower of Santa Muerte since her daughter got sick four years ago. She says she almost died.

"Maybe out of desperation I did turn toward La Santa, but I did feel that she answered my prayers," she explains.

Evelyn says her daughter got better a day or two later. She says she makes a promise to La Santa in exchange for a favor. One thing she says she promised her was to get a tattoo of her. Another promise Evelyn made was an altar in her bedroom. Evelyn makes offerings of roses, water, and a candle.

"There's no need to offer her marijuana like everybody has said before," Evelyn says.

As we told you in a NEWSCHANNEL 5 investigation last week, worship of La Santisima Muerte has spread like wildfire in the Valley over the past five years. The U.S. government calls it the "death cult of the drug lords."

Some followers even think that La Santa will protect their drug lords and even bring death to their enemies.

"I do believe that there's people who use her for other things besides good things," Evelyn says.

In addition to her Santa Muerte altar, Evelyn also has a crucifix on her wall. Although the Catholic Church has called this a Satanic cult, Evelyn disagrees. She says she doesn't agree with a lot of things the Catholic Church does. Evelyn considers herself Catholic.

"Nobody is going to tell me that I'm not Catholic. Because I wake up every morning, thanking God for what I have," Evelyn said.

She thanks God and Santa Muerte. Evelyn says she's a lifetime follower of the Saint of Death.

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