Saskatchewan government settles final two lawsuits from bogus sex case

Canadian Press/March 7, 2006
By Daniel E. Martin

Regina - The Saskatchewan government has settled the final two lawsuits outstanding from a child sexual abuse case going back to the early 1990s.

Police officers James Elstad and Edward Revesz will be paid $285,000 and $175,000, respectively.

The province will pick up half the cost, while the now-disbanded Martensville police force and the Saskatoon police pick up the rest.

Elstad and Revesz were among nine people charged in 1992 with 180 sex-related offences against children at a day care in Martensville, Sask.

The children's bizarre stories of murder, animal mutilation and Satanism were eventually proven to be unfounded, and the methods of investigators came under heavy criticism.

Only one of the accused was ever found guilty.

Justice Minister Frank Quennell says he extends his sympathy toward all those who were wrongfully accused in the case.

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