Another Malpractice Suit is Settled

Houston Chronical/July 1, 1996

(Carl v. Peterson, Spring Shadows Glen Psychiatric Hosp.,, U.S. Dist. Ct., Southern Dist., Texas, Case No. H-95-661)

The final defendants in a malpractice suit filed against psychologist Judith Peterson, Spring Shadows Glen Hospital and at least 23 other mental health practitioners and businesses settled on July 1, 1996 for an undisclosed sum under a confidentiality agreement. Some of the defendants had settled out-of-court earlier this year.

The suit, filed by Lynn Carl, originally sought $18 million for misdiagnosis of MPD and SRA and instructing Carl to report herself to the police as a child abuser- even though she had no memory of ever abusing her own children. Carl has recently reconciled with her husband and children.

According to The Houston Chronicle, 2/4/96, at least eight former patients of Houston psychologist Judith Peterson have sued her in district courts for coercion and the use of hypnosis and drugs to plant false memories of satanic ritual abuse. Peterson, who has denied all allegations of professional or ethical impropriety, has reached out-of-court settlements with at least five former patients. Terms of the settlements are confidential. At least five complaints against Peterson have been filed with the state psychology board by former patients and nurses. Spring Shadows Glen hospital in Houston and its Dissociative Disorders Unit were shut down by the state of Texas in 1992.

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