School relents on anti-witch rule

Detroit News/March 3, 1999
By David Shepardson

Detroit -- Witches are welcome at Lincoln Park High School -- but not necessarily those wearing pentacles.

Lincoln Park School Supt. Randall Kite said Tuesday that he would remove the terms "witches and pagans" from a school list of prohibited groups after an eight-hour federal court hearing.

Crystal Seifferly, 17, a self-described witch and follower of the Wiccan religion, sued the downriver school district for the right to wear a pentacle, a five-pointed star enclosed by a circle.

The district in October banned the wearing of the symbol, along with symbols associated with white supremacy, gangs and Satanic worship.

Seifferly, a 3.0-honor student who plans to attend Wayne State University, said she was confident that she would prevail.

"This is a clear case of civil rights," Seifferly said Tuesday -- on what else, a full moon.

Another hearing is set for Friday; U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen said he might not rule in the case for another week.

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