Officials: No Cult Mutilating Animals

Animals Thought To Be Dogs Turn Out To Be Coyotes

News Channel 5/May 9, 2003

Lagrange Township, Ohio -- There is no satanic cult mutilating dogs in Lorain County, NewsChannel5 reported.

A zoologist from the Museum of Natural History has confirmed that what was first thought to be skinned dogs are coyotes.

WEWS said it was a gruesome sight along Biggs Road, where animals were not only skinned, but also marked with orange spray paint.

The findings led the Humane Society to suspect satanic activity, but detectives now say the carcasses were marked by construction crews building a new golf course in the area.

"They wanted them to be visible to the road crew so they could remove and properly dispose of them," said Capt. Rich Resendez of Lorain County Sheriff's Department. "I'm not saying they were disposed of properly. But we do not have a satanic cult here in the county.

These are not domesticated animals. These were coyotes and they were marked for proper disposal if the road crew came by."

It's not illegal to trap coyote in Lorain County.

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