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"Just read 'Return of the Swami' and want to thank you for such an accurate, well meaning and unbiased account of SRF and Ananda. I have been a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda for many years. Yogananda will always be, to me, a great spiritual guru who was and is truly close to God. But if the SRF organization doesn't start practicing what it preaches it will fall along the wayside. We need leaders with moral integrity to replace the now aging ministers, rather than egotistical and naive young men. This particular article has had a great deal to do with bringing about honesty and truth at the Richmond Temple. Jim Rapp, a.k.a. Arjunananda and his new wife are trying to imply that this whole thing never happened. It is refreshing to see the truth in print. If SRF survives should come out of hiding and try honesty on for size. Please, be sure this article stays on the Web."

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