Shambhala Soul Therapy Visitor Comments


"Thank you so much for the public service you have provided by publishing information regarding this man's past. I walked into the Buddha Maitreya 'store' in Sedona, AZ the other day and was amazed by my experience there. Seemingly normal people selling bizarre objects at astronomical prices, claiming that they will heal and were created by the reincarnate of Buddha. They show a video of the new temple in Northern California. It is as strange as the tools being sold to finance it. The necklace, of which you referenced, now sells for upwards of $950. Several of the other objects were in the thousands. People sitting in chairs with metal triangles on their heads were led to believe that these trinkets will improve their lives. One utterly bizarre claim was that a particular object would heal everyone within a 200 mile radius within three days. If the 'savior' has found a way to heal all people within 200 miles, he shouldn't be charging $2,300 for it, not to mention that no one anywhere near Sedona would be sick. It breaks my heart to see desperate people taken advantage of. Those who need the most guidance are so often the most abused."

"You might be interested to know that 'Buddha Maitreya' (Ron Spencer) has opened a new Retreat/Center in Cornville, Arizona, which is located near Sedona, Arizona."

"I visited the Archangel Michael place in Mt. Shasta two years ago with a friend and we both strongly agreed that they were strictly for-profit and a sham. At a bookstore in Mountain View, California they recently held a 'meditation.' I did not connect at first that they were the same people from Mt. Shasta. All of us were given the 'dream weavers' to hold to speed up enlightenment, while the droning CD played. I looked around and saw many dressed in white spinning the instruments, but I thought, why? Why are they needed? This is a gimmick! I kept my eyes open and guarded my mind. Everyone was wearing pyramids on their heads and seemingly programmed through the droning and drumming. There seemed to be a lack of authentic spiritual depth. It definitely looked like brainwashing."

"I sensed Ron Spencer was a fraud. I was foolish to purchase the weavers and waste my time with this man. Fortunately, all I lost was some money. It generates immense anger in me when I think of this kind of preying on people, who are attempting to seek meaning in their life. I now meditate with a small local sangha of friends. No gurus, just ordinary people."


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