Gunmen made video that foretold rampage

Associated Press, April 22, 1999

LITTLETON, Colorado -- Months before they massacred a dozen students and a teacher, two high school students made a video portraying themselves in trench coats, shooting athletes as they walk down their school hallway.

The video was made for a class last fall.

On Tuesday, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wearing black trench coats, walked into the school, spraying gunfire and setting off explosives before killing themselves. Witnesses said they targeted athletes,

In the video, the two "had their friends pretend to be the jocks, and they pretended to be the gunmen shooting them," junior Chris Reilly told the Denver Rocky Mountain News Thursday. "I saw the video Eric and Dylan made. .... It represented what happened."

Eric Veik, 16, who helped the two produce several videos, said all were in a similar genre. "They always wore trench coats. They always wanted to be the intimidators, the good guys out to get the bad guys," he said.

Veik turned over three to four copies of the videos to police after the shooting.

Teacher Garrett Talocco, who taught the class, declined comment, as did school district spokeswoman Kay Pride.

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