Sri Chinmoy Visitor Comments

"Gratitude for your kind justice, fully informing the world about the real nature of Guru Sri Chinmoy."

"The community itself is made up of sincere, loving and devoted followers. My sister was a disciple for over 17 years. She gave Sri Chinmoy lots of money. My visits to my sister in New York had to be cleared through 'guru.' She died several years ago of cancer. When she developed cancer and told 'guru' about it, he told her she created this herself. When she became too weak to attend functions, she was shunned by the rest of the community. She left with an important disciple. Chinmoy became angry and told her that she would die if she left his 'protection.' I received several threatening phone calls from a high-ranking disciple demanding to know where my sister was. I can never forgive him and those disciples who knew her. The order to shun my sister came right from the mouth of the 'guru.' I hope Chinmoy will one day recognize the karma he has accumulated and the pain and suffering he has caused others."

"I'm also an ex-follower of Sri Chinmoy and have experienced the effects of his edicts. I once attended those free meditation classes run by his disciples and embraced his concept of 'love,' 'devotion,' 'obedience' and 'surrender.' I 'lived in my heart' and tried not to use my mind too much. There was also seemingly endless 'self-transcendence,' selfless service to the point of exhaustion and strict celibacy for most members. Devotees were told about 'hostile forces' that damaged disciples who left. A warning to Chinmoy's students that if we dared to go and lost his protection, there would be dire consequences. However, after breaking free my life improved in every way instead. And I still meditate and follow a spiritual path. But I am concerned about the welfare of those still caught up with this 'guru.'"

"I have created a web page called to communicate with other former members of the Sri Chinmoy group, that not only want to heal, but also wish to tell the rest of the world about their experiences. Hopefully, by working together we can make a significant impact. Perhaps people inside the group will read them. The Internet cannot easily be silenced, like the people who are kicked out of various groups. Thanks again for this website, it literally can impact people's lives in a way that can't be measured."

"I grew up in the Sri Chinmoy cult and spent 20 years in it. I have personally spoken to a woman who has had sexual relations with him and two of my friends were abused sexually by members when they were kids. I don't really think it's an evil group, but people should know the good and the bad. It's a real shame if you think Sri Chinmoy is God and perfect, then later find out that he is just a man like any other, especially if you sacrificed everything ( friends, family, career) for him."

"I have personally been to a few Sri Chinmoy meditation sessions here in Berlin. I finally checked the Internet to find out more about Sri Chinmoy and found your page. Thank you very much for this information. Sri Chinmoy is just another false prophet like Jesus said in the bible. I hate the way he uses the United Nations and slogans about 'oneness' and 'world peace' to promote his name. It seems to me that he has an enormous desire for recognition."

"I was reading the various comments about Sri Chinmoy and it brought back some old [memories]. I was once involved with a young woman [who] fell under the influence of Sri Chinmoy. I even briefly met Carlos Santana because of her involvement. [Our relationship] went from 'I never want to be without you in my life' to 'If you can't join me (in the cult) then I will never see you again.' That was in one week after a four year relationship. I do remember the heartache and lack of closure. She was right--I never did see her again. I thought I would share this recollection. Good luck in your efforts to help the brainwashed."

"I was [once] one of [Chinmoy's] closest followers, [but] I left for a number of reasons--the celibacy trip, the fanatic followers [and] the real sense of feeling that your every life move was dictated to by the guru. [He] of course was only acting for your best, after all, he did have 'God Consciousness' and therefore knew more than you did, blah, blah, blah. Also the group pressure was always present, and if you didn't go along with things, you were soon left out, ignored and looked upon as not being a real, dedicated disciple. Chinmoy was and still is, looked upon as being God on earth, the greatest manifestation since the year One. By surrendering to him you are placing your existence into the hands of one who has direct access to God-and therefore can do no wrong. The psychology of it all was pretty damn overwhelming! I look back at that time with a certain amount of amazement that I took so long to untangle myself from Chinmoy".

"I have just recently discovered your web-site. Many, many thanks for the information you provide. I have a personal interest in this because of a friend who has become hopelessly involved with Sri Chinmoy. She appears to have lost all touch with reality. Your Web site has offered me some hard facts, which I can send my friend in the doubtful hope that I might be able to help her see the light. Thanks again, and keep up the good work".

"I recently left the Sri Chinmoy cult after [several] years. I can attest to the fact that anyone can be swept up by and taken over by a force like the one Chinmoy and his disciples wield. I think back upon the changes I made in my life for the sake of the 'path' that were not only hurtful to me, but to others, especially those closest to me. It is very difficult to feel the pain and anger welled up inside after so many years of repressing and denying it all. I would do almost anything to be able to stop men like Chinmoy (although a few are women) from taking over people's lives. It only looks like an easy way out. Thank you very much for having this web site"!

"I have experienced the misery of Sri Chinmoy's group. The humiliation and demoralization were too much to bare and I experienced an 'acute psychotic breakdown.'"

"I was once in a relationship with one of Sir Chinmoy's followers. He left the group within the first year of us getting together because of [Chinmoy's no] 'sex rule.' He had pictures of Chinmoy everywhere and would get up every morning before 5:00 AM to meditate. Our relationship ended years ago, but recently we met again. He has returned to the group and turned into an android. After reading all the information on your site it has given me more comfort than you can imagine."

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