Excepts from Wayne Bent, head of an apocalyptic church in NM

By The Associated Press/April 30, 2008

Excepts from a Sept. 11 posting by Wayne Bent, leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church in northeastern New Mexico, where state authorities seized custody of three children:

What God brought us out here to do for us in this last week of years, was to prepare us to leave the earth entirely. This "leaving the earth" was not just a snatching of the body, as is believed by the "secret rapture" people. The earthly heart and life had to be entirely separated from. We had to give it all away, for the next life is not made up of husbands, wives and dysfunctional children, made after the image of rebellion. Our life was not to be about working for the world in their hot pursuit of vain glory and gain.

I was drawn to be intimate with everyone in the land, but it was not a sexual drawing. It was a deep soul connection that I coveted. It was like Messiah in me wanted to go into the souls of the land, to prepare them for the next world. We were actually being drawn to be transformed into the image of God, instead of the image of our earthly ancestors.

With every Messiah, beginning with Moses, there was a revolution of the old thinking in favor of a new thing into which God was taking his people. Now, in these final seven

years of the prophecy, he was taking his people away from the earth, and its alliances, and marrying them only to him. ... I had to overcome the world, in each successive steps, just as Jesus had to overcome the world in his day.

At each step God gave me instructions and I had to obey them precisely. And with each step there were those who were on the outside of our congregation who would attack me as being an adulterer, fornicator or abuser in some for or another. I received the vicious attacks from souls who were not with us, grinding their ax against me in the most vile manner. They assumed the worst motivations since that was the core of their own life.

God is not running for election and he does not want our vote. He wants a change into the image of God for us, and that change is very unnatural to us. It is a complete transformation of heart and mind, and this comes through some very hard experiences.

My whole heart is focused on only one thing, and that is to transcend this vain earth, and go to the world where these natural limits are no more. I want to be taken even more into the heart of God, for the world is only an existence of smoke and mirrors. It is only a vast ocean of slaves and consumers and I have no heart for it. I will be leaving, not because of a day on a calendar, but because my heart has already left it. I do not now know the precise moment of this actual physical departure, but already I hear the last trumpet blowing.

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