Son of 'cult' leader speaks out

ABC News/May 8, 2008

The leader of the Strong City Cult, Wayne Bent, is behind bars and now, for the first time, his son is speaking out for the Lord Our Righteousness Church. The compound for the cult is in a remote New Mexico area near the Colorado border.

"For him personally, jail is not a big deal. But what's weighing heavily on him right now are the false accusations."

Jeff Bent says his father did not molest three children living at the church compound near the New Mexico/Colorado border.

"I know my dad very well. He has no drawings or natural inclinations that way. It's something that God gave him to do, when he would touch the person on their heart. When they would ask to lay naked on his bed, that was something that he would only do by their request and by God's command...not because it was something he wanted to do."

Bent says the biblical Book of Isaiah foretold the events - in which seven virgins at the compound came to lay naked next to Wayne Bent.

Jeff says he foresaw trouble.

"I instantly saw: whoa, the world isn't going to like this. They're going to hate it. They're going to call us child molesters, cult."

The people who follow Wayne Bent believe what's happening now is part of the end times.

"I can tell you, Matt, we're not into the lifestyles of living like cults."

For years, the church has hashed out their faith on an often-updated website.

"When God does something, there's no need to hide it.

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