Teen Boot Camps Visitor Comments

"We sent our son to Tranquility Bay after many problems. He returned to us a beaten, brainwashed young man who now is dealing with major psychiatric problems. He has nightmares about the abuse and the screams of others being assaulted. My husband and I actually visited there and all the horrible stuff was thoroughly covered up during our visit. I can't sleep at night due to the guilt I feel because I willingly sent him there. Since returning from Jamaica he has been treated in many hospitals."

"I attended a 'Teen Boot Camp' ('Academy') for three and one half months and have now returned to school in the United States. But I have many complaints about the treatment that I received there. I was taken from my home, brought to Samoa, strip searched, had my belongings taken from me and was not allowed to contact my mom. I also did not receive proper medical care and was thrown into isolation. My food and water were taken away at times and I was beaten. It seemed worse than being in jail."

"I am a former student/inmate at Casa By the Sea. During 2001 a girl died in Jamaica's Tranquility Bay. Later, my mother pulled me out because she didn't approve of their so-called treatment program. My 10 month experience in Ensenada was traumatic. I endured their seminars and punishment. I hope WWASP will be shut down permanently."

"I took my daughter to Cross Creek Manor one of WWASP's programs and attended their Discovery Seminar. This seminar made me very uncomfortable. I did not like the techniques used to intimidate people. We were told we had to attend these seminars if we wanted to attend workshops with our children. I felt manipulated by the facilitator. The staffers all looked brainwashed to me, with hazy eyes and smiles from ear-to-ear. We were never informed that this program was to crush you as a person. It was supposedly a boarding school to help with self esteem and defiant problems. I got my daughter out of there as soon as possible, but she was in that hell hole for one month. The stories she tells are horrible. She said that she fought an emotional breakdown every day praying that we would come and get her. The program bothered me the moment they told me I could have no contact with my daughter, except through the mail, which they read. They told the children over and over that 'your parent's don't care about you and that's why you are here!' I am outraged by the damage they have caused my daughter. She would have been better off staying at home."


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