Teen Mania: Endurance Bootcamp Or Religious Cult?

FOX 11 News, Los Angeles/February 23, 2012

Dallas -- It's an intense military style Christian retreat that promises to transform lives and inspire a greater love for God…and for thousands - it did just that.

Teens marching day and night...Crawling through mud and pushing their bodies to the limit.

All in the name of Jesus...

We have video of a program called "E.S.O.A.L." -- it stands for Emotionally Stretching Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

This bootcamp-style Christian retreat...offered by the "teen mania" ministries. Teens here are called interns. They're given a number and assigned to a group with a captain as their leader. This camp is located two hours east of Dallas, Texas.

The E.S.O.A.L. retreat is just one part of a full-year of Christian leadership training. Thousands have gone through it.

Many say this is a life-changing experience...A spiritual awakening...

Young people are growing with their relationship with Christ they're growing with their relationship with each other attaining spiritual maturity, building strong friendships.

But others call teen mania the worst thing they've even been through...

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