Vedic City's annexation plan approved by state

The Associated Press/October 26, 2007

Fairfield -- The state has approved the annexation of 84 acres into Maharishi Vedic City, despite urgings against the move from Jefferson County officials.

The County Board of Supervisors asked the state in September to prevent the annexation until the city provides municipal services to its residents.

The state's City Development Board sided with the city last week, calling the issues raised by the county "growing pains," said City Development Board Administrator Steven McCann. He said Vedic City appears to be trying to offer services.

Maharishi Vedic City was established six years ago north of Fairfield by followers of Transcendental Meditation.

County officials have argued the city should not be allowed to grow because it has not fulfilled an agreement with the state to organize a volunteer fire department or establish public streets, among other projects.

However, Vedic City officials said the annexation should have been routine because it was voluntary, said Vedic City attorney Maureen Wynne.

The city of 420 is considered a spiritual center of the Transcendental Meditation movement in the United States.

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